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Be the Light
L2 - U8

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Unit Overview:

Level 2 Unit 8: Be a Light is a beacon for young learners to enhance their English while learning about citizenship and community values. Each lesson is a constellation of engaging topics such as the roles of community helpers, the importance of rules, and the attributes of good citizenship. With a focus on phonics featuring blends like “SC” and “TR”, grammar with imperatives and yes/no questions, and reading comprehension through inspiring stories, this unit is designed to develop linguistic skills alongside character building. Students are encouraged to reflect on big questions, fostering a sense of responsibility and the urge to contribute positively to their communities.

  • Citizenship: Citizen, Responsibility, Community, Litter, Cooperation, Respect, Equality, Volunteer, Courage, Integrity, Trust, Perseverance, Respectful, Cooperative, Kind, Helpful, Rule, Law, Consequence, Reward, Safety, Health, Medicine, Exercise, Manners

  • Community Helpers: Firefighter, Police Officer, Doctor, Teacher

  • Environment: Clean, Pollution, Recycling

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Lesson 1: Citizenship

Excellent work today! You’re showing a deep understanding of good citizenship values.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Citizenship, Citizen, Responsibility, Community, Litter

  • Sentences: Use imperatives like “Pick up your trash,” and “Clean your room.”


Lesson 2: Being a Good Citizen

Well done on today’s lesson! Your engagement with concepts like respect and cooperation is impressive.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Cooperation, Respect, Equality, Volunteer

  • Sentences: Practice Yes/No questions like “Do you like cats?” and responses like “Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.”


Lesson 3: Strong Character

Splendid job! Your grasp of character traits like courage and integrity is excellent.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Courage, Integrity, Trust, Perseverance

  • Sentences: Use imperatives for instruction like “Take this to the police!”


Lesson 4: Good Citizen Traits

Your participation today was excellent! You’re effectively using new vocabulary.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Respectful, Cooperative, Kind, Helpful

  • Sentences: Practice Yes/No questions related to community activities like “Do you recycle?”


Lesson 5: Community Helpers

Your enthusiasm for learning is outstanding! You’ve grasped the lesson’s content well, especially the roles of community helpers.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Firefighter, Police Officer, Doctor, Teacher

  • Sentences: Practice Yes/No questions regarding community roles like “Can we eat in class?”


Lesson 6: Rules & Laws

Fantastic effort today! You’re showing an understanding of the difference between rules and laws.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Rule, Law, Consequence, Reward

  • Sentences: Formulate Yes/No questions reflecting understanding of rules and laws, like “Do you follow the school rules?”


Lesson 7: Health & Safety

Excellent participation! Your understanding of health and safety concepts is crucial for informed citizenship.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Safety, Health, Medicine, Exercise

  • Sentences: Practice Yes/No questions related to health and safety like “Have you stretched?”


Lesson 8: Clean Environment

Great job today! Your understanding of environmental care is commendable.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Environment, Clean, Pollution, Recycling

  • Sentences: Use imperatives for environmental actions like “Separate the cans, glass, plastics, and paper.”


Lesson 9: Following Rules

You’re making wonderful progress! Your grasp of the importance of rules and laws in a community is excellent.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Rules, Respect, Manners, Law

  • Sentences: Practice Yes/No questions and answers about rules like “Can we eat in class? No, we can’t.”


Lesson 10: Review

Congratulations on completing Unit 8! You’ve shown great growth in understanding citizenship, community roles, and personal character.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Review all vocabulary from Lessons 1 to 9.

  • Sentences: Review all sentence structures, especially yes/no questions and imperatives.