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Family is Love
L2 - U2

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Unit Overview:

Explore family in Level 2 Unit 2: Family is Love! Our engaging ESL curriculum dives into the world of family dynamics, relationships, and vocabulary. This unit provides an enriching environment for students to learn and express family-related terms, possessive adjectives, and the verb ‘to have’ in English. From discussing family members and their roles to building family trees and describing household activities, students will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of family bonds and structures. Join us in celebrating the universal theme of family, and enhance your English skills with a touch of warmth and familiarity.

  • Family: Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather, Sister, Brother, Parents, Grandma, Grandpa, Siblings, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin

  • Home: House, Apartment, Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom

  • Actions: Sleep, Study, Brush Teeth, Brush Hair, Watch TV, Read, Cook, Eat

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Lesson 1: Meet the Family

Great work on learning about different family members! Keep practicing the names of family members and the verb ‘to have’ to describe your family.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, sister, brother
  • Sentences: “I have a sister.” “She has a brother.” 

Lesson 2: Possessive Adjectives

Excellent progress in using possessive adjectives! Remember, these adjectives show who something belongs to, like ‘my’, ‘your’, ‘his’, ‘her’.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: my, your, his, her, our, their
  • Sentences: “My father is tall.” “Her cat is cute.”

Lesson 3: Family Party

You did a fantastic job learning about family celebrations! Practice talking about family gatherings and using possessive adjectives and nouns.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: aunt, uncle, cousin, party, celebrate
  • Sentences: “His uncle is funny.” “It’s my cousin’s birthday.”

Lesson 4: Family Tree

Well done on understanding family trees! Try to describe your own family tree using possessive nouns.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: family tree, relatives, ancestors
  • Sentences: “My grandfather’s sister is my great-aunt.”

Lesson 5: Review #1

You’ve made great progress reviewing what we’ve learned about family. Keep practicing the vocabulary and sentence structures from the past lessons.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Review all family-related vocabulary.
  • Sentences: Use a variety of sentences from previous lessons.

Lesson 6: Welcome Home

Great job exploring different types of homes! Practice describing your home and who lives with you.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: house, apartment, bedroom, kitchen
  • Sentences: “I live in a house.” “He has his own bedroom.”

Lesson 7: Rooms at Home

Impressive understanding of different rooms and their purposes! Describe the rooms in your house and their features.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: bathroom, living room, furniture
  • Sentences: “The sofa is in the living room.” “We eat in the kitchen.”

Lesson 8: Basic Verbs

Excellent work with basic verbs related to home activities! Use these verbs to talk about your daily routines.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: sleep, study, cook, brush
  • Sentences: “She cooks dinner every night.” “I study in my bedroom.”

Lesson 9: 3rd Person Verbs

You’re doing great with 3rd person singular verbs! Remember to add ‘s’ or ‘es’ for he, she, and it.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: watches, reads, cooks, sleeps
  • Sentences: “He watches TV in the evening.” “She reads books.”

Lesson 10: Review #2

Fantastic job reviewing the unit! Continue practicing all the concepts we’ve covered, especially focusing on family vocabulary and verbs used in daily routines.
  • Vocabulary to Practice: Comprehensive review of all unit vocabulary.
  • Sentences: Use a range of sentences covering all the topics we’ve learned.