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Get Dressed
L1 - U4

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Unit Overview:

  • Short Vowel Sounds (a, e, i, o, u)

  • Consonant Sounds (g, h, f, l)

  • Subject Pronouns

  • Basic Body Parts

  • M vs. N Sound

  • Conjugate “To Be” Verb

  • Basic Clothing

  • The Seasons

  • Short vs. Long Vowel Sounds


Clothing Vocabulary English Lessons

Level 1 Unit 4 (Clothing Vocabulary English Lessons) gives your ESL student a basic understanding of the letter phonics sounds. They will study the short vowel sounds (a, e, i, o, u) and consonant sounds (g, h, f, l). They will also study the long vowel sounds. Students will get an introduction to basic clothing vocabulary and body parts vocabulary. They will learn how to conjugate the “to be” verb. The clothing vocabulary english lessons will help them talk about what they wear in different seasons. 

  • G Sound: Guitar, Gorilla, Girl, Gas, Gal, Gap, Gut

  • H Sound: Hair, Hippo, Hand, Him, Her, Hop, Hot

  • F Sound: Fish, Face, Farm, Fog, Fit, Fat, Fan

  • L Sound: Lunch, Love, Light, Log, Leg, Lit, Lap

  • Subject Pronouns: I, You, We, They, He, She, It

  • Long Vowel Sounds: Gate, Hate, Fate, Late, Made, Mope, Cute, Site, Kite

  • Body Parts: Head, Eye, Ear, Mouth, Nose, Arm, Hand, Leg, Feet, Stomach

  • Clothing: Wear, Wearing, Shirt, Pants, Shorts, Jacket, Shoes, Socks, Hat

  • To Be Verb: I am, You are, We are, They are, He is, She is, It is

  • Seasons: Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall

  • What did you do today? I went to the park. 

  • What is this? This is an apple. 

  • What are these? These are apples. 

  • What do you like to do? I like to dance. I don’t like to run.  

  • What are you wearing? I am wearing a shirt. 

  • What do you wear in winter? I wear a hat in winter.

  • What does he/she wear in summer? He/She wears shorts in summer.

Lesson 1: Consonants G & H

Exploring the consonant sounds of “g” and “h” was a great start to Unit 4! Try practicing these sounds at home with our vocabulary words.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Girl, Gorilla, Guitar, Gap, Gas, Gal, Gut, Hair, Hippo, Hand, Read, Talk, Dance, Play, Paint

  • Sentences: “What do you like to do?” “I like to ___.”


Lesson 2: Consonants F & L

Impressive word today using the consonant sounds for “f” and “l”. Keep up the good work and practice these sounds using our vocabulary words!

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Fish, Farm, Face, Fat, Fan, Fit, Fog, Light, Love, Lunch

  • Sentences: “What do you like to do?” “I like to talk/dance/play/paint/read.”


Lesson 3: Subject Pronouns

Amazing work today learning the subject pronouns and Magic E rule. These are both very important concepts and mark an important moment in your English learning journey. Keep practicing these concepts at home!

  • Vocabulary to Practice: I, You, We, They, He, She, It, Gate, Hate, Fate, Late

  • Sentences: “What does he/she/it like” “He/She/It likes to ___.” “What do you/we/they like? “I/You/We/They like to ___.”


Lesson 4: Body Parts

Learning about different body parts was a major step forward in your English adventure! Try drawing a picture of yourself and label your body parts to study these new words.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Head, Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Nose, Hand, Arm, Legs, Stomach, Feet

  • Sentences: “This is my head/mouth/stomach.” “These are my eyes/ears/hands.”


Lesson 5: Clothing

It was so much fun learning about clothing items today! Nice job! Practice describing what you and your family members are wearing in English.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Shirt, Pants, Hat, Shorts, Socks, Shoes, Jacket, Gloves

  • Sentences: “What are you wearing?” “I am wearing ___.”


Lesson 6: M vs. N

Today we worked on distinguishing between the letters “m” and “n” when reading! Try listening for these sounds in your favorite songs or TV shows.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: met, net, fam, fan, map, nap

  • Sentences: “What are you wearing?” “I am wearing ___.”


Lesson 7: “To Be” Verb

Mastering the “To Be” verb is a huge step forward in your English adventure! Practice using it to describe things in your home.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: I am, You are, He is, She is, It is, They are, We are

  • Sentences: Use “To Be” sentences to describe yourself and others, such as “I am a student.”


Lesson 8: Short & Long Vowels

I can tell you have worked hard on your short and long vowel sounds! Try reading our vocabulary words aloud to hear the difference between the short and long vowels.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: cat, red, mop, hut, sit, made, mate, site, cute.

  • Sentences: “What are you wearing ___? “I am wearing ___.” “This is my ___.” “These are my ____.”


Lesson 9: The Seasons

Excellent work learning about seasons and related clothing! Practice describing the weather and appropriate clothing for each season in English. Work on the verb “TO WEAR” at home and use it in sentences.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: winter, summer, spring, fall, I wear, You wear, He wears, She wears, It wears

  • Sentences: “I wear a ___ in winter/summer/spring/fall.”


Lesson 10: Review

Congratulations on finishing Unit 4: Get Dressed! I am so proud of your excellent work and enthusiasm in class.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: I, You, We, They, He, She, It, Head, Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Nose, Hand, Arms, Legs, Stomach, Feet, Shirt, Pants, Hat, Shorts, Socks, Shoes, Jacket, Gloves, I am, You are, We are, They are, He is, She is, It is

  • Sentences: Continue practicing all previously learned sentence structures from Unit 4.