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Techno World
L2 - U7

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Unit Overview:

Dive into the dynamic realm of technology with Level 2 Unit 7: Techno World! This unit offers learners a deep dive into the digital age, covering everything from everyday gadgets and online safety to the future of AI and cryptocurrency. Seamlessly blending essential vocabulary with practical grammar lessons, “High Tech World” ensures students are equipped with the English language skills required to navigate our tech-driven era.

  • Technology: Smartphone,  Computer, Internet, Search Engine, Robot, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chatbot, Drone, Aerial, Wearable Tech, Smartwatch, Digital, Email, Wifi

  • Online Security: Virus, Firewall, Password, Scam, Cart (Online Shopping Cart), Website, Digital Money

  • E-commerce: Online Shopping, Delivery, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, ATM (Automated Teller Machine), Debit Card, Credit Card

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Lesson 1: Tech Around Us

Great job in today’s lesson! You’re making impressive progress in understanding various technology terms and their usage in English.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, Smartwatch, Mouse, Internet, Email, App, Help, Pump, Yelp, Object pronouns
  • Sentences: “I use ___.” / “I have a sister. I love her.”

Lesson 2: World Wide Web

Fantastic effort! You’re truly embracing the world of the internet in English, expanding your vocabulary significantly.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Search Engine, Blog, Social Media, Chat, Download, Upload, Wifi, Data, Salt, Belt, Melt
  • Sentences: “I use it every day.” / “My mom loves reading, so I will read with her.”

Lesson 3: Money Matters

You’re doing wonderfully! Today’s focus on money terms is a practical skill for life, enhancing your financial vocabulary.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Bank, ATM, Deposit, Withdraw, Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Check, Apt, Opt, Kept
  • Sentences: “This is my credit card.”

Lesson 4: Saving & Spending

Great dedication in today’s lesson. Understanding finances in English will be invaluable for your future transactions.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Save, Budget, Spend, Bills, Expense, Income, Debt, Balance, Card, Hard, Yard
  • Sentences: “This is my budget for the month.”

Lesson 5: Online Shopping

Well done! Navigating online shopping in English is a superb skill to have, expanding your e-commerce vocabulary.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Online Shopping, Cart, Checkout, Payment, Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash On Delivery (COD), Hold, Cold, Sold
  • Sentences: “This is my self-driving car!”

Lesson 6: Cyber Security

Excellent work today! Staying safe online is crucial, and you’re now better equipped in English to handle digital security.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Website, Search Engine, Password, Virus, Firewall, Scam, Shelf, Self, Half
  • Sentences: “This is my paycheck from work!” / “I had it delivered to my dad’s house.”

Lesson 7: AI Robots

Impressive progress! You’re now familiar with the cutting-edge world of AI in English, expanding your tech vocabulary.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: AI, Artificial Intelligence, Robot, Automation, Chatbot, Self-Driving Car, Drone, Park, Work, Mark
  • Sentences: “This is my self-driving car!”

Lesson 8: Cryptocurrency

Outstanding effort! The complex world of cryptocurrency is now accessible to you in English, broadening your financial literacy.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Mining, Wallet, Transaction, Exchange, Stop, Stick, Stone
  • Sentences: “This is my paycheck from work!” / “I entered a discount code I found online.”

Lesson 9: E-commerce

Well done on today’s lesson! The world of e-commerce in English is now at your fingertips, enhancing your shopping vocabulary.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: E-commerce, Shipping, Discount, Delivery, Review, Coupon Code, Spend, Spin, Spoon
  • Sentences: “This is my self-driving car!” / “I love this store’s style!”

Lesson 10: Review

Excellent work on completing the unit! Your review of all the lessons shows just how much you’ve learned about technology and its language in English.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Review all the key vocabulary from Lessons 1 to 9, including terms related to technology, the internet, money matters, online shopping, cyber security, AI, and cryptocurrency.
  • Sentences: Focus on revising and using sentences from each lesson. Practice forming your own sentences using the vocabulary and concepts learned.