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Tell Your Story
L2 - U9

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Unit Overview:

Embark on a linguistic journey with Level 2 Unit 9: Tell Your Story. Through the captivating narrative of Charlie’s adventures, students will master key English language concepts while unlocking their own storytelling abilities. The unit delves into important English foundations such as phonics with consonant blends, the simple past tense, and the nuances of dialogue creation. Learners are encouraged to explore themes of bravery and imagination, weaving their own experiences into the fabric of the stories they learn to tell. It’s a unit that promises to not only teach English but to inspire personal expression and growth.

  • Story: Book, Pages, Chapter, Title, Author, Illustrator
  • Story Elements: Characters, Setting, Plot, Conflict, Solution, Theme, Change, Grow, Learn, Evolve
  • Adjectives: Brave, Cowardly, Hopeful, Excited, Kind, Curious, Creative, Persistent, Cautious, Patient, Honest
  • Hero’s Journey: Hero, Quest, Challenge, Triumph, Return, Transform, Victory, Success, Monster, Fear, Bravery, Defeat, Relief, Home, Journey, Begin, Start, End, Finish
  • Charlie was a brave boy.
  • He found a hidden treasure.
  • She told her friend about the adventure.
  • They walked through the dark forest.
  • The monster was very scary.
  • He fought the dragon bravely.
  • She discovered a secret door.
  • They escaped just in time.
  • The story had a happy ending.
  • We write our own stories in class.

Lesson 1: Tell Your Story

Great job exploring Charlie’s adventurous world! Focus on story-related vocabulary like book, pages, chapter, title, author, illustrator, characters, setting. Remember the importance of settings like the ocean in influencing the story.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: book, pages, chapter, title, author, illustrator, characters, setting

  • Sentences: Practice sentences like “Who is your teacher?” or “Where is the school?”


Lesson 2: Dive Deeper into Storytelling

Fantastic effort! Today, you delved deeper into storytelling elements like characters, setting, plot, conflict, solution. Understand their interaction to create engaging narratives.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: characters, setting, plot, conflict, solution
  • Sentences: Create sentences using simple past tense like “Charlie started the second chapter” and “They found a shark.”


Lesson 3: Exploring Story Elements

Wonderful job! Today, you learned about characters’ growth and emotions like brave, cowardly, hopeful, excited.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: grow, learn, evolve, brave, cowardly, hopeful, excited
  • Sentences: Use quotations in dialogues like “This is the worst storm I have ever seen!” and “I’ll save you.”


Lesson 4: New Settings in Storytelling

Impressive work! You explored new story settings like forest, castle, space, ocean. Reflect on how these settings change the story’s mood.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: forest, castle, space, ocean
  • Sentences: Use simple past tense sentences like “Charlie imagined the kids exploring the castle” and “They found a magic key.”


Lesson 5: Characters and Traits

Great job! You learned how characters’ traits like brave, kind, curious, creative affect a story.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: brave, kind, curious, creative
  • Sentences: Formulate sentences like “Charlie opened the book to find out what happens next” and “The cube turned into a spaceship.”


Lesson 6: Expanding the Story

Excellent effort! Expand your vocabulary with words like forest, castle, space, ocean, desert, jungle, school, home. Think about their impact on a story.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: forest, castle, space, ocean, desert, jungle, school, home
  • Sentences: Practice describing your favorite place using simple past tense.


Lesson 7: Character Development

Excellent progress! Focus on character traits like brave, kind, curious, creative, persistent, cautious, patient, honest.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: brave, kind, curious, creative, persistent, cautious, patient, honest
  • Sentences: Create a story about a character’s challenge using simple past tense.


Lesson 8: The Hero’s Journey

Creative storytelling! Learn words related to the hero’s journey like hero, quest, challenge, triumph, return, transform, victory, success.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: hero, quest, challenge, triumph, return, transform, victory, success
  • Sentences: Reflect on your own ‘hero’s journey’ and write about it using simple past tense.


Lesson 9: Epic Adventures

Great job exploring epic adventures! Focus on words like departure, adventure, return, discovery, reward, wisdom.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: departure, adventure, return, discovery, reward, wisdom
  • Sentences: Think of an adventure you’ve been on and recount it using the simple past tense.


Lesson 10: Unit Review

Congratulations on completing the unit! Review all the vocabulary and concepts learned. Share your favorite parts of Unit 9’s story.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Review all vocabulary from Lessons 1 to 9.
  • Sentences: Review constructing sentences and dialogues like those in Charlie’s story.

Your dedication to storytelling is admirable. Keep exploring and creating your own stories!