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City Kids
L2 - U5

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Unit Overview:

Welcome to Level 2 Unit 5: City Kids, a vibrant exploration of urban life in our Level 2 ESL curriculum. This unit takes students on a dynamic journey through the bustling cityscape, teaching them about various aspects of city living. From navigating busy streets and understanding different forms of transportation to exploring city sights like parks, zoos, and museums, each lesson is packed with engaging vocabulary and real-world scenarios. The unit also delves into the changing seasons, weather patterns, and the roles of community helpers, offering a comprehensive view of life in the city. Perfect for young learners, ‘City Kids’ combines language learning with exciting urban adventures!


City Vocabulary English Class

  • City: Building, Street, Traffic, Street Lights, Traffic Lights, Bridge, Tunnel, Subway, Park, Quiet, Calm, Noisy, Crowded, Farms, Fields, Offices, Skyscrapers
  • Transportation: Car, Taxi, Bicycle, Bike, Walk, Train, Bus, Boat
  • Places: Zoo, Museum, Restaurant, Library, Mall, Movie Theater, Stadium, Police Station, Fire Station, School, Hospital, Lab
  • Occupations: Police Officer, Firefighter, Teacher, Doctor, Chef, Scientist, Artist, Musician, Baker, Farmer, Dentist, Mechanic, Librarian, Nurse, Mailman, Plumber
  • Weather: Sun, Sunny, Cloud, Cloudy, Rain, Rainy, Snow, Snowy, Storm, Stormy, Lightning, Thunder, Flood, Drought, Hurricane, Tornado, Blizzard, Heatwave, Earthquake, Forest Fire
  • Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Fall, Winter
  • I see tall buildings and bright lights in the city.
  • The traffic moves fast and the cars honk loudly.
  • I drive a car.
  • They ride the bus.
  • We take the subway.
  • I visit the museum.
  • We eat at the restaurant.
  • A teacher works at a school.
  • A chef cooks in a restaurant.
  • A baker bakes bread.
  • A farmer grows crops.
  • It is sunny today.
  • I like rainy weather.
  • A hurricane can be very powerful.
  • Droughts cause water shortages.
  • In winter, it snows.
  • I swim in the summer.
  • The city is busy, but the country is calm.
  • I prefer living in the city.

Lesson 1: The Busy City

Great job learning about the busy city and its features! Keep practicing the names of different city places and the concept of traffic and transportation.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: city, building, street, traffic, street lights, traffic lights, bridge, tunnel, subway, park.

  • Sentences: “I see tall buildings and bright lights in the city.”, “The traffic moves fast and the cars honk loudly.”


Lesson 2: Getting Around

Well done exploring various transportation methods in the city! Remember the different ways people travel in urban areas.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: car, taxi, bicycle, bike, walk, train, subway, bus, boat.

  • Sentences: “I drive a car.”, “They ride the bus.”, “We take the subway.”


Lesson 3: City Sights

You did a great job learning about different city sights! Try to recall the names of various places in a city.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: park, zoo, museum, restaurant, library, mall, movie theater, stadium.

  • Sentences: “I visit the museum.”, “We eat at the restaurant.”


Lesson 4: Work in the City

Excellent understanding of different professions in the city. Reflect on the various jobs and where they are performed.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: police officer, police station, firefighter, fire station, teacher, school, doctor, hospital, chef, restaurant, scientist, lab, artist, musician.

  • Sentences: “A teacher works at a school.”, “A chef cooks in a restaurant.”


Lesson 5: Community Helpers

You’ve learned a lot about community helpers! Think about how these jobs help in everyday life.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: baker, farmer, dentist, mechanic, librarian, nurse, mailman, plumber.

  • Sentences: “A baker bakes bread.”, “A farmer grows crops.”

Lesson 6: Weather Basics

Good work on weather basics! Keep in mind the different types of weather and how they look.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: weather, sun, sunny, cloud, cloudy, rain, rainy, snow, snowy, storm, stormy, lightning, thunder.

  • Sentences: “It is sunny today.”, “I like rainy weather.”


Lesson 7: Extreme Weather

You’re doing well with extreme weather concepts. Remember the names and effects of these weather conditions.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: flood, drought, hurricane, tornado, blizzard, heatwave, earthquake, forest fire.

  • Sentences: “A hurricane can be very powerful.”, “Droughts cause water shortages.”


Lesson 8: Changing Seasons

Great job understanding the changing seasons! Think about the activities and weather in each season.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: seasons, spring, summer, autumn, fall, winter.

  • Sentences: “In winter, it snows.”, “I swim in the summer.”


Lesson 9: City Life vs. Country Life

Excellent comparison between city and country life! Reflect on the differences and similarities of these lifestyles.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: city life, country life, quiet, calm, noisy, crowded, farms, fields, offices, skyscrapers.

  • Sentences: “The city is busy but the country is calm.”, “I prefer living in the city.”


Lesson 10: Review #1

Fantastic effort in reviewing the unit! Keep practicing the vocabulary and concepts covered in previous lessons.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Review key vocabulary from Lessons 1-9.

  • Sentences: Use sentences from previous lessons to reinforce learning.