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Galactic Gadgets
L4 - U6

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Unit Overview:

Unit 6: “Galactic Gadgets” immerses students in the digital world, covering essential technology and financial vocabulary, grammar, and practical applications. Students will explore how technology shapes daily life and the importance of financial literacy through engaging stories, interactive activities, and creative projects.

  • Computer, Internet, Smartphone, App, Keyboard
  • Browser, Wi-Fi, Tablet, Remote, Robot, Screen, Login, Launch
  • Auto, Author, Aunt, Saw, Raw, Drawn, Straw

  • I use a computer to browse the internet.
  • She has downloaded new apps on her smartphone.
  • He connects to Wi-Fi to go online.
  • They saved money by doing chores.
  • She earned money last week.
  • We bought new books yesterday.
  • I sold my old bike.
  • He invented a new gadget.
  • She developed an app for learning.
  • They designed a recycling device.
  • He spent his allowance on a toy.
  • We earned extra money by babysitting.
  • She found some money on the street.
  • I bought a new phone with my savings.
  • He built a website and launched it.

Lesson 1 – Digital World

Great job exploring the digital world! You learned about essential technology terms and practiced using open syllables in sentences. Keep up the good work with your tech vocabulary!

Vocabulary: Computer, Internet, Smartphone, App, Keyboard, Browser, Wi-Fi, Tablet


Lesson 2 – Money Basics

Excellent understanding of money basics! You practiced the past simple tense and learned about saving and budgeting. Keep practicing these concepts to manage your finances better.

Vocabulary: Currency, Bank, Savings, Budget, Deposit, Withdrawal, Interest, Loan


Lesson 3 – Buy & Sell

Great job on learning commerce terms and practicing regular verbs in the past simple tense. You also learned valuable lessons about buying and selling. Keep practicing to master these concepts!

Vocabulary: Purchase, Sell, Market, Trade, Bargain, Retail, Wholesale, Inventory


Lesson 4 – Daily Tech

Well done exploring daily tech use and practicing open syllables. You learned how technology impacts our daily lives and communication. Keep exploring new tech tools and their uses!

Vocabulary: Social Media, Email, Online, Download, Streaming, Blogging, Gaming, Coding


Lesson 5 – Review #1

Excellent review session! You reinforced your vocabulary related to technology and money, practiced phonics, and reviewed grammar concepts. Keep up the great work and continue practicing!

Vocabulary: Review all vocabulary related to technology and money learned so far


Lesson 6 – More Money

Great job learning about financial growth and practicing irregular verbs in the past simple tense. You learned valuable lessons about saving and investing. Keep applying these concepts in real life!

Vocabulary: Invest, Interest, Account, Profit, Dividend, Portfolio, Bond, Stock


Lesson 7 – Innovations

Fantastic exploration of tech advances and practicing past simple tense. You learned about exciting new inventions and how they can solve problems. Keep thinking creatively about future innovations!

Vocabulary: Innovation, Invention, Gadget, Device, Prototype, Automation, Interface, Algorithm


Lesson 8 – Financial Responsibility

Excellent understanding of financial responsibility and practicing regular and irregular verbs. You learned important lessons about budgeting and managing money. Keep practicing these skills for financial success!

Vocabulary: Expense, Debt, Loan, Tax, Budgeting, Credit, Investment, Savings


Lesson 9 – Tech in Society

Great job discussing the impact of technology on society and practicing combining past simple tense concepts. You explored future tech and its ethical implications. Keep thinking critically about tech advancements!

Vocabulary: Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Privacy, Cybersecurity, Robotics, Virtual Reality, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology


Lesson 10 – Review #2

Excellent comprehensive review! You reinforced all the vocabulary, phonics, and grammar concepts covered in the unit. Keep up the fantastic work and continue applying what you’ve learned in real-life situations!

Vocabulary: Review all vocabulary related to technology and money covered in the unit