Going Up Education

Time to Party
L3 - U4

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Unit Overview:

  • Introductions

  • Age, Date & Birthday

  • Short O Words (-ot, -op, -og, -od, -on)

  • OU, OO, OW Sounds

  • Long O Words (-oe, -oa, -ow, o_e, o)

  • Possessive Adjectives

  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division

  • Story Elements (Characters, Setting, Plot, Conflict, Solution, Theme/Moral)

  • New Years Resolutions

  • Chore Chart

  • School Spirit Week

  • Report Cards

  • Party, Birthday, Gift, Present, Celebrate

  • Circus, Clown, Carnival, Ticket, Explore

  • Candles, Cupcake, Decoration, Guest, Lighting

  • Wrap, Goody Bag, Ribbon, Glitter, Blowing

  • Do Homework, Read, Study

  • Clean, Fold Clothes, Do the Dishes

  • Follow Directions, Pay Attention, Get Along

  • Do an Assignment, Work on a Project, Take a Test/Quiz

  • Sun, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn

  • Diploma, Cap, Gown, Certificate, Podium, Graduation

  • How old are you? I am ___.

  • When is your birthday? My birthday is on ___.

  • What is the ___ month of the year? 

  • What day comes before ___? 

  • What day is it? It is ___.

  • What number is greater/less than __?

  • What number is equal to __?

  • What time is the party? The party is at __ o’clock.

  • What are they doing at the party? They are ___ at the party.

  • How many ___ do you see?

  • How old will you be? I will be __ years old.

  • Is he/she ____ at home?

  • What are you doing now?

  • What are they doing at home?

  • Are you ____ now?

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