Going Up Education

Love What You Do
L4 - U7

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Unit Overview:

  • Covers 36 different occupations:

    • Restaurant Jobs, Super Heroes, Professionals, Builders & Fixers, At School, Getting Artsy

  • Grammar Concepts:

    • Compound Words

    • Subjects, Verbs, and Objects

    • Present Tense Verbs in Third Person Singular

  • Money Concepts: Earn, Spend, Save, Budget, Supply / Demand, Wants / Needs, Goods / Services

👷 Under Construction 🚧

*Students at this level are expected to produce complete sentences independently. They may need some encouragement to speak in complete sentences

Subject + Verb + Object
I want to be a ______ because ______.
I don’t want to be a _____ because _____.

👷 Under Construction 🚧