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Cosmic Convos
Adult Unit 1

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1) Greetings & Introductions

The maiden voyage of the Cosmic Convos Curriculum, where students learn the vocabulary and phrases necessary to confidently introduce themselves both formally and informally in a variety of settings.

2) Expressing Personal Opinions

This lesson covers the expression of opinions on various topics. It equips students with essential language tools for stating, agreeing, and disagreeing with opinions in polite, respectful manners.

3) Giving Suggestions & Advice

Our journey takes us to the realm of advice-giving, with a focus on real-world situations that necessitate offering suggestions or recommendations.

4) Asking for Clarification

This lesson empowers students to check their understanding and clarify themselves concisely and with confidence.

5) Talking about Future Plans

A look ahead at the space-time continuum, where students learn to discuss their future plans using appropriate tenses and phrasing.

6) Expressing Likes & Dislikes

Here, students navigate the process of sharing their interests and personal preferences.

7) Giving & Taking Compliments

This lesson focuses on giving giving and receiving compliments in English.

8) Reaching a Compromise

Adult Learners explore the language of compromise, negotiation, and persuasive communication.

9) Saying Thanks & Apologizing

An exploration of the language of remorse and regret, a vital skill in maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships.

10) Resolving Conflicts

This lesson covers conflict resolution skills, equipping learners with language tools to handle and de-escalate disagreements effectively.

Welcome to the Cosmic Conversations: Unit 1. These lessons have been designed to empower students with practical language tools in a variety of real-world situations. Students will learn to greet friends or coworkers. They’ll express personal opinions, give advice, and ask for clarification. The learning voyage continues as students learn to talk about future plans, express preferences, and give compliments. They will navigate the nuances of reaching compromises, saying thanks, apologizing, and resolving conflicts effectively. Enjoy these English conversation lessons for adult learners!