Going Up Education

Crash Course
L2 - U1

Unit Overview:

Level 2 Unit 1: Crash Course, our Level 2 Unit 1 at Going Up ESL, is an exciting entryway into the world of English. This unit is designed to lay a strong foundation in English language learning, covering everything from basic greetings and vowel sounds to consonants and essential grammar. Through a mix of engaging comic strips, catchy songs, and practical exercises, learners are guided through the subtleties of the English language. This unit is ideal for those starting their English journey or looking to solidify their basic skills.

👷 Under Construction 🚧

👷 Under Construction 🚧

Lesson 1: Nice to Meet You

Great start to learning English! You did well with basic introductions and sharing personal information. Keep practicing the phrases “My name is…” and “I am from…”.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: name, age, nationality, hello, goodbye
  • Sentences: “My name is [name].”, “I am from [country].”

Lesson 2: The Vowels

You’re catching on to vowel sounds quickly! Remember the difference between short and long vowel sounds.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: A, E, I, O, U (both short and long sounds)
  • Sentences: Create simple sentences using words with different vowel sounds.

Lesson 3: The Consonants

Well done on learning consonant sounds! Focus on the distinct sounds each consonant makes.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: All consonant letters of the alphabet
  • Sentences: Practice forming sentences with words that emphasize different consonant sounds.

Lesson 4: Y as a Vowel

Good understanding of the letter Y as both a vowel and a consonant. Remember its different sounds.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Words with Y as a vowel and consonant
  • Sentences: “The [word with Y as a vowel/consonant] is/are…”

Lesson 5: Review #1

Impressive review session! Keep revising what we’ve learned so far, especially vowel and consonant sounds.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Review of all vocabulary from Lessons 1-4
  • Sentences: Form sentences using the reviewed vocabulary.

Lesson 6: Subject Pronouns

You’re making good progress with subject pronouns. Remember to use them correctly in sentences.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: I, you, he, she, it, we, they
  • Sentences: “[Pronoun] am/is/are… 

Lesson 7: To Be Verb

Great job understanding the verb “to be.” Keep practicing the forms am, is, and are in different sentences.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: am, is, are
  • Sentences: “I am…”, “He/She/It is…”, “We/They are…”

Lesson 8: ‘To Be’ or Not ‘To Be’

You’re doing well with the verb “to be” and its contractions. Remember the contractions for ‘am’, ‘is’, and ‘are’.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: I’m, you’re, he’s, she’s, it’s, we’re, they’re
  • Sentences: “She’s a teacher.”, “They’re students.”

Lesson 9: Basic Verbs

Excellent work learning basic action verbs! Try using these verbs to talk about daily activities.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: walk, run, dance, jump, read, write, draw, paint
  • Sentences: “I [verb] every day.”

Lesson 10: Review #2

Fantastic effort in reviewing the unit! Keep practicing all the verbs and pronouns we’ve learned.

  • Vocabulary to Practice: Review of all vocabulary from Lessons 1-9
  • Sentences: Construct sentences using the vocabulary from the entire unit.