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For parents looking to improve their child's English from home, we offer resources suitable for all levels. 

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Our lessons include tons of interactive language-learning activities to make studying English fun! 

  • Phonics Exercises
  • Vocabulary Builders
  • Grammar Explanations & Drills
  • Reading with Comprehension Checks
  • Speaking & Discussion Questions
  • Writing Prompts
  • Drag & Drop Activities
  • Audio & Mouse Hover Effects
  • Clickable Buttons
  • In-Class Videos
  • 3D Animations & Graphics

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⚖️ Phonics & Vocabulary

Journey into our world of words filled with new sounds and vocabulary to help students communicate their ideas with confidence.

⚖️ Speaking & Listening

Our mission is for students to engage in conversations actively. Our lessons offer tons of practice dialogues. Students will practice  responding to prompts and engaging in free conversation.

⚖️ Grammar & Writing

Grammar is fun in this universe! Students will learn English grammar rules and apply them to writing.

⚖️ Reading

Discover interesting stories with our reading and comprehension activities. Students will learn to understand the story by focusing on story elements.

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For experienced pilots learning to navigate their new English toolbox and gain speaking confidence

Advanced (B2 to C2)

Level 5 ➡️ Level 6

For commanders with an excellent control of English, ready to explore more advanced themes

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Hear from Teachers!

This is a great curriculum for children! The lessons are bright with colorful pictures and rewards that keep my students engaged and happy to learn. It has been working wonderfully for my younger students and holds their attention. There are plenty of activities that are fun and promote learning. The curriculum progresses with a steady flow for the students to learn at a productive pace.
-Teacher Kei
I love the interactive lessons and can’t wait for more units to pop out! My level 1 and 3 students are loving the lessons, especially the funny gifs. I’m looking forward to enjoying these slides with my students!
-Teacher Joanna
I have received only positive feedback from parents about Going Up's ESL Curriculum. My students/parents love the supplemental materials and resources I can provide after each lesson. This has also saved me a lot of time and energy!
-Teacher Blake