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Going Up Education works with a passionate group of Expert ESL Teachers ready to teach your online English classes. Our certified native teachers are highly experienced and love teaching languages, making them excellent guides on your trip through the English Universe. We will match you with a regular teacher based on your level, learning style, goals, and personality. You can request a schedule change when necessary, but we try to keep our students with their original teachers to strengthen the teacher-student bond. When we need to switch teachers, we will update your new teacher on your current learning progress and objectives. Your English language voyage can continue at top speed thanks to our team of Teacher Astronauts!

All our Astronaut Teachers have access to our expanding library of online English lessons in the Going Up ESL Curriculum Center.

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We also trust our partner teachers to create and use additional lesson plans, materials, and curricula aligned with your learning goals. 

Please sign up for a Free Student Account to preview the first lesson of each unit and test some of the interactive features in our online English lessons including:  

  • Drag & Drop Activities
  • Audio & Hover Effects
  • Clickable Buttons
  • In-Class Videos
  • 3D Graphics & Animations

We assign homework depending on a case-by-case basis. You will work with your teacher to decide if homework is necessary in your English learning plan.

Homework will typically include: 

  • Vocabulary Study 
  • Writing Prompts
  • Grammar Drills
  • Reading Practice
  • Speaking Assignments
  • Workbook Pages
  • Listening Missions

We do not provide any refunds once class packages are purchased. We offer many flexible class packages and purchasing options, so you do not need to commit to a huge pack of classes at one time.

    • All payments made towards class packages are final.
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