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Explore the Conversation Cosmos—designed to make English conversation practice a galactic adventure for students and teachers! With three Space Maps to explore—Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced—you’re destined to find challenging questions, no matter your proficiency level. 

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Space Map 🚀

Start your journey at the Space Map, where you’ll choose your planet and conversation topic. Hover over the planet to check the conversation topics. Click a planet to blast off! The Space Station will open the Curriculum Center in a new page. 

On The Planets ☁️

Each planet needs your help to generate an atmosphere! Click the Cloud Generator to shuffle the questions. On each planet, you’ll find 10 questions on a variety of subjects to spark interesting English conversation practice. Use the Question Mark Box to advance the clouds one by one.

Beginner Conversations

Intermediate Conversations

Advanced Conversations

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