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Enjoy our Thanksgiving ESL lessons completely free this November. Have fun learning about Thanksgiving turkeys, food, and traditions. Holidays like Thanksgiving are a great time to take a break from your normal ESL classes and have some fun with your students. 

These lessons still work on sentence structures, grammar, reading, and comprehension just like all of the lessons in the Going UP ESL Curriculum.

Thanksgiving ESL Lessons

Beginner Thanksgiving ESL Lesson

The beginner Thanksgiving ESL lesson covers basic vocabulary, turkey body parts, likes/dislikes, family members, and basic counting. Enjoy a short Thanksgiving Dinner story with your students!

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Advanced Thanksgiving/Halloween Lesson

The advanced Thanksgiving/Halloween ESL lesson and Day of the Dead lesson are part of a bigger unit covering holidays around the world. View the full unit here. 

The first lesson covers Thanksgiving, Halloween, nouns ending in -tion/-ation, independent/dependent clauses, simple/compound/complex sentences, and subordinating/coordinating conjunctions. There is a short story about Thanksgiving and Halloween with discussion questions. 

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